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How to Stick to Your Self-Care or Wellness Resolution

How to Stick to Your Self-Care or Wellness Resolution

Sep 14th 2023

How to Stick to Your Self-Care or Wellness Resolution

With New Year’s just around the corner, you may be resolved to be healthier this upcoming year and take better care of yourself. This is easier said than done. ABC Columbia reported that 80 percent of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions by February. Furthermore, self-care isn’t as easy as it sounds – you need to make a focused, consistent effort to obtain results. It’s far from impossible, though. Good planning and self-motivation are keys to success.

Zee Alexis offers this mini-guide to help you stick to your self-care resolution and achieve your wellness goals.

Choose Realistic and Enjoyable Goals

It may be possible to drop 20 pounds in a month, but that’s neither realistic nor enjoyable for most people. Instead, aim to set simple, easy goals when starting – dropping 5 pounds a month, limiting your alcohol intake, going out in nature often, and walking at least 5,000 steps a day, for instance. You’re more likely to stick to your resolution if you find your goals fun and easy to achieve.

Collect Goal-Related Information and Motivation

It can be helpful to keep learning about wellness as you progress through your new self-care routine. Gathering these document and motivational items (like mantras, articles, and resources) can help keep your motivation up. When you find these resources, convert them to PDFs so that you don’t add paper clutter to your newly organized space. Then, if your goal is to convert to PDF online, you can use a variety of free tools to convert, edit, split, or merge your files before saving them in the cloud for easy access.

Create a Wellness Action Plan

Wellness is about more than eating healthy or exercising – it’s a mix of emotional, mental, financial, and social aspects, according to the CDC. As such, any self-care plan you should create should encompass all these areas. You could pepper your week with a variety of activities designed to give you a well-rounded wellness tune-up. Some examples of healthful activities to try are meditation, exercising, spending time with family, budgeting, and eating healthier. Creating a balanced self-care routine will help you achieve wellness.

Measure Your Progress

You are likely to fall short of many of your goals (and perhaps surpass a few). Measuring your progress allows you to identify and troubleshoot problems. You can set more accurate goals, too. Aaptiv offers ideas on measuring your physical progress beyond the scale – using fitness apps, taking before & after pictures, noting your energy levels, and keeping tabs on your strength and flexibility. You can also always create a journal to jot down your goals to track your progress toward them. And don’t forget to pick up some comfortable shoes from Zee Alexis to keep you active!

Maintain a Support System for Substance Abuse Struggles

Having a support system in place is crucial for addiction recovery. It provides a sense of accountability and encouragement that can help addicts abstain from drug or alcohol use. In addition to family and friends, in-state addiction treatment options can offer a valuable support system that includes trained professionals and peer support groups. These treatment options offer resources and services that aid in the recovery process, such as therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and support groups. Incorporating these options into a support system can increase the likelihood of successful recovery and the ability to maintain sobriety long-term.

Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy

Your immediate environment has a big impact on your wellness. Being in a happy, comfortable, and clean home will heighten your well-being. You should aim to remove dust mites, pet dander, and allergens through vacuuming. This also helps prevent allergic reactions and respiratory problems. If you have a Shark vacuum, then you should empty it after each use. Once it’s 2/3 full, it will begin to lose suction power.

Pursue a Better Career to Feel More Fulfilled

Wellness is also about feeling fulfilled in your career. You can always set better career goals to heighten your satisfaction levels. For instance, you could go back to school to earn your bachelors of education in preparing for a career in teaching. This degree covers instruction practice, learner development, and knowledge of subjects you’d like to specialize in. You could enroll in an online degree program for extra convenience – you could continue working and still keep up with your studies.

Stay Focused on Your Goals

Being patient with yourself and actively motivating yourself will help you stick to your wellness resolution. You will fall short of your target or have off days – and that’s okay. Be understanding, give it time, and try again. Keeping your eyes on your end goal, rewarding yourself, and praising yourself will make you more motivated and help you to stay the course.

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