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Eighty MPH Mom Blog

Eighty MPH Mom Blog

Jun 19th 2015

The Zee Alexis Linda was featured on the Eighty MPH Mom Blog. Author Angela says...

During the summer, I practically live in flip-flops whenever I am not at work. They are easy to just slip on and go, and I would rather not go find a pair of socks and have to struggle to pull on my sneakers, tie them, etc.. However, the problem is that flip-flops do not offer much support or comfort for my feet. Whenever I wear them for a long period of time, I end up with achy feet, and the aches sometimes even go up through my legs. It makes me wonder what I would actually prefer – convenience without comfort, or comfort without convenience?

Now I can get both convenience and comfort with Zee Alexis, which makes a variety of styles of woven sneakers and other shoes. Each shoe is made with stretchy elastic material that is hand-woven together, with soft memory foam and a flexible sole. They are easy to slip on and easy to move around in, and they also feel great on your feet!

I tried the Zee Alexis Zee Clouds woven sneaker in aqua. They are really fun and colorful (as are all of the different Zee Clouds sneakers). They slip on easily like a flip-flop (I didn’t even need to wear socks!), but since they are sneakers, they offer better support for my feet.

I was happy to receive my Zee Clouds sneakers right before we went on a recent road trip so I could take them along, and I wore them almost every day. They were super comfortable, even when I wore them all day long, walking around and chasing after my daughters. I could slip them off and on in the car as needed (great for all those stops we made on the trip). We had to deal with a lot of rain on our trip, and I loved being able to walk easily in the Zee Clouds sneakers, rather than slipping and sliding around in flip-flops. And best of all, they looked great with any outfit I had on, from shorts to capri pants. My daughter even wanted to wear them, but there is no way that I am giving them up!