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Improving Women's Wellness in 3 Simple Steps

Improving Women's Wellness in 3 Simple Steps

Dec 6th 2021

Work, family, friends, domestic tasks, community obligations — the list of demands on a woman’s time and energy can overwhelm even the most put-together girls. When you're already so taxed, it’s difficult to find the time you can devote to yourself, but the right steps can go a long way to improving your health and wellness. Consider these ideas from Zee Alexis for how you can take back your life with small but significant changes.

1. Put On Your Oxygen First

In planes across the world, you hear the refrain: “Put on your oxygen before putting on your child’s.” It can seem counterproductive, but it is actually necessary for the health and wellness of everyone involved. The same is true in life. Often, a woman’s time is spent seeing to the needs of everyone around her before she can get a moment alone, but everyone would be better served if she had made time for herself.

Instead of letting the demands of those around you set the tone for your day, start your day out by doing something just for you. Head to the gym for a workout session in the perfect pair of Zee Alexis sneakers -- you might be surprised to learn how many health benefits are associated with wearing comfortable shoes! Or have a hot cup of coffee and watch an episode of your favorite show while you lounge in your favorite comfy clothes. By giving to yourself first thing every morning, you’re setting your day up to have more energy and more mental bandwidth because you’ve already seen to your own needs.

2. Adjust Your Diet

Fad diets that change everything about the way you eat rarely last long term. Instead, focus on small changes you can make in your daily eating habits that you will be able to maintain.

Consider making exchanges in your diet such as swapping out white rice for brown or using skim milk instead of cream in the morning. Try having a protein-filled snack instead of a carb-heavy one in the evening before you go to bed.

Increase the amount of water you drink every day. According to Healthline, getting enough water helps maximize your physical performance and give you more energy, so increasing your intake will help energize you and improve your overall wellness. It also helps you feel fuller so you don’t eat as much as you usually might.

3. Develop a Healthy Balance Between Work and Life

Separating your work life from your real life can be difficult, especially if you are in a position of power over others at work and, ZenBusiness points out, depending on the industry you're in. Setting boundaries and finding healthy outlets for stress are important tools in achieving a sustainable balance that doesn’t sap away your time and strength.

Leave work at work whenever possible. If you must take some work home with you or address work issues at home, establish a set time to do so and don’t go over it. By doing this, your brain and body will know when to expect that kind of stress and you can better enjoy the time you have at home. Allina Health suggests making sure to use the vacation time available to you, too, as it helps you recharge in a more sustained way.

When stress is unavoidable, use positive practices such as doing yoga or mindfulness meditation. Go for a walk or take a class at the gym. Exerting yourself physically improves your strength and stamina, and regular physical activity helps keep your energy levels up while decreasing stress and anxiety.

When put together, small actions can have big results in your life. Honor your needs by nurturing them each morning, eating better and working out more, and addressing work stress before it encroaches on your home life. Your mind, body and spirit will all be better for it.

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