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Love Playing Dress Up Blog

Love Playing Dress Up Blog

Jun 30th 2016

The Zee Alexis Wendy Wedges in Pewter/Bronze were featured on the Love Playing Dress Up Blog. Author Neha Ghandi says...

For a girl with the city in her heart, I have a justified love for walking. Considering Boston winters are not meant for walking around, nothing makes me happier than the few months of summer and being able to simply stroll around, with the sun shining on my face. You all know I am always about the hustle, therefore finding a good cute and comfortable (comfortable being the operative word) pair of shoes is key to a happy outfit.

I take that last line back – now that I think about it, I do have some “sitting” shoes which are just that, solely meant for sitting. While they are chic, they aren’t comfortable.

Not these Zee Alexis sandals though. I cannot attest enough how comfortable these are and how soft the cushion feels on your sole. (and soul… I get positively transported to a bad mood if my feet hurt #truestory) While everyone is all about flip-flops in this weather – you will hardly see me donning flip-flops, unless may be by the pool. So the fact that these are open-toe sandals and have a good platform heel – that’s a winner in my books.

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