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Outnumbered 3 to 1 Blog

Outnumbered 3 to 1 Blog

Jun 15th 2015

The Zee Alexis Linda was featured on the Outnumbered 3 to 1 Blog. Author Danielle says...

I am a shoe addict. I have probably close to 30 pairs and there’s just something about a good pair of shoes that can always life my mood. Now that I’m a mom, I tend to look for comfort and style with my shoes, but it’s not always easy to find something that looks and feels great on my feet. With summer here, I often wear flip flops, but I really wanted something with more support while still offering the breathability of open shoes. When I saw the new Zee Clouds from Zee Alexis, I couldn’t wait to try them because they’re exactly what I was looking for.

The Active Response Technology™ utilizes both Real Memory Foam, which provides moisture absorption and optimal breathability, with Foam Injection Technology, which ensures long-lasting comfort and durability. They combine all of this with SoleFlex™ Technology which is what allows you to bend and flex your foot with lasting comfort. All of their shoes also passed three tests including shape retention, sole adhesion, and a flex test.

As soon as I got these shoes, I couldn’t wait to get them on. As I mentioned, while I love flip flops, they don’t offer the support I need. I have planters fasciitis, so it’s incredibly important that I wear supportive shoes to avoid pain. These honestly felt like I was walking on a cloud. I put them on in the morning and was out all day running errands and doing things with my son, and not once did I notice any pain or discomfort in my feet.

Living in Florida means I’m usually somewhat sweaty. It’s very hot here, especially in the summer, and humid, so my feet have to be able to breath. After wearing these all day long, my feet were dry and I didn’t get that slippy sweaty feeling when I had them on. They were really great to wear without socks as there’s no breaking-in to do since they’re already so stretchy and comfortable.

Not only did the Zee Clouds offer the support and comfort my feet need, but they’re so fun, too! I love the bright colors and the woven elastic look. I had quite a few people ask me about my shoes on my first day wearing them. My “mom uniform” usually includes black leggings and a black flowy top, so these go perfectly, but also go well with jeans or even a maxi skirt.

In addition to Zee Clouds and their active shoes, Zee Alexis makes some other really cool flats, sandals, and heels. All of their shoes are unique, fun and are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. They were even just featured in the Spring Gift Guide of Oprah Magazine. These are truly amazing shoes that are perfect for warm weather and I know they’re going to last me all summer long.